Chapter 549 Heavenly Sportybet Thunder Roulette Pills

The materials for the second volume of Tianlei Wan are only live betting, so there are dozens of copies. At first, he thought it would be easier to refine by using the refining method, because his refining method has also improved, and he can see the process of rapid changes. It’s very slow, but now when he refines the Tianlei pill, it’s extremely difficult – just like what Su Meiyao said, the time of congealing the pill is very critical, and the speed of progress is very slow, roulette because he is not yet proficient in livescore , can only pour in a little bit of thunder-attribute true energy, but his thunder-attribute true energy has a conflict with the thunder-attribute energy released by Lei Yuanguo and baccarat Xuanlei Grass Seed. What he wants 1xBet to do is The frenzied energies of these conflicts fuse together while calming and softening the energies. One must know that Tianleiwan is a martial artist who can injure the ultimate realm. It can be seen how powerful it is. It is really not easy to suppress the tyrannical thunder attribute energy, and it has to be compressed into a small pill. . Just like the true qi for cultivation, after high-concentration compression, the energy will change, and the quality will become very high. Once it is detonated, the power will be very powerful, so Chen Xiang has no doubts about the power of the thunder pill that day. With a sound of “Boom”, Yanlong’s treasure furnace trembled suddenly, and Chen Xiang once again declared failure by exploding the furnace. Chen Xiang has already failed more than 20 furnaces, he scratched his head frantically: “I have failed so many flashscores for Caixuan-level middle-grade pills, what should I do when refining earth-level pills and sky-level pills in the future?” !” It was very time-consuming for him to make this Tianlei pill, because he had to pour in a large amount of thunder-attribute zhenqi, and the time for pouring in was slow, and he had to recover after pouring in, and it took him a whole day for one furnace .



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