Aoshi Danshen Chapter BetWinner 534 This moment, that moment

Although the canyon in the list is not the only way to pass, it is the nearest road. Zuo Zhenxuan and Zheng Chu can get here, and they obviously have the map in the First Profound Realm. Chen Xiang and the others were surprised that, except Besides him, there are other people who entered Leap into this first profound realm, and still walk this way! “It will be here soon. These two guys seem to be riding some powerful magic weapon, so they are very fast.” Long Xueyi said. Chen Xiang hurriedly jumped into the cave of a black rock flood dragon and hid inside. “Xueyi, can you hold Zuo Zhenxuan back? It’s best to lure him away. Although I am this guy’s savior, I’m worried that he will prevent me from killing Nairabet Zheng Chu later!” Shen Xiangxiang said, His fists clenched slightly, he must take advantage of this opportunity to kill Zheng Chu. “No problem!” As Long Xueyi said, it turned into a white light and flew out of Chen Xiang’s body. At this moment, Chen Xiang only saw Long Xueyi hit a fast flying thing, hitting it accurately. The top of Zuo Zhenxuan’s body knocked Zuo Zhenxuan down. Afterwards, a huge tornado with a man city white glow suddenly appeared, Zuo Zhenxuan was sucked into the tornado, and then was thrown out, flying to a far away place. “I can only do this!” Long Xueyi did it neatly, causing Chen Xiang to click his tongue, and in just a short moment, Zuo Zhenxuan was taken away. That Zheng Chu came down from the flashscore above the heaven, Chen Xiang was worried that Zuo Zhenxuan would join hands with Zheng Chu to attack him in order to secure his position as the dean, and it would be difficult for him to attack him at that time. Zheng Chu stopped. At this moment, Chen Xiang saw that what Zheng Chu was riding was a very huge talisman, on which was a huge amulet.



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