Slot Games Aoshidan baccarat God Chapter 504 Women’s thoughts

Xue Xianxian suddenly felt a lot of pressure, she was the main wife, but Chen Xiang later accepted her master, and at the same time, there was Hua Xiangyue as the maid Paripesa. Thinking of this, Xue Xianxian had to admire Chen Xiang’s betway means. Although she was very puzzled about Hua Xiangyue’s matter, after she heard the power of the master-servant contract, she firmly believed that Hua Xiangyue could not use any tricks. She was very worried Chen Xiang’s comfort, now that Chen Xiang has two powerful women Liu Meng’er Slot Games and Hua Xiangyue secretly supporting him, even if he faces some powerful forces in the future, he will not be afraid. Chen Xiang didn’t know that Xue Xianxian was thinking about long-term things in the future. He saw Xue Xianxian was contemplating, and he didn’t bother him. He just hugged her, and when she spoke, he didn’t dare to vent his anger even now, fearing that Xue Xianxian would lose his temper. “Master is very kind to me, now I can only admit it, alas sports betting…” Xue Xianxian sighed softly. The corners of Chen Xiang’s mouth turned up slightly, but he suddenly felt a pain in his waist, Xue Xianxian snapped it firmly: “Little scoundrel, are you thinking about the matter of both master and apprentice? No wonder the master always calls you so, it seems You played tricks on her a lot… Poor master!” “Why? I’m very good to Sister Meng’er.” Chen Xiang quibbled. “Ghosts don’t even believe you.” Xue Xianxian snorted softly, but Chen Xiang’s hand penetrated into the skirt of her clothes again, she struggled a bit, and finally snorted softly, letting Shen Xiang do whatever he wanted. “It’s as big as Sister Meng’er’s, hehe.” Chen Xiang said with a smirk. This made Xue Xianxian coquettishly say: “Brother Xiaoxiang, do you have a flashscore with master BGaming?” After asking, she blushed and bet the game. “Which one?” Chen Xiang asked knowingly.



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