BGaming World-Defying Pill God Chapter 489 Betking the crisis before the magic soldier

List Baihu released the power that sealed him, and let his strength return to its original state, so that he could easily defeat the Xingyue Kuanglong released by Chen Xiang. ╠Fast ★www.ěi:uzw.omchampions league This made Shen Nairabet Xiang very upset. He really wanted to see how Baihu was beaten to death, but he spent a lot of mana to condense it. Seeing Baihu admit defeat, Liu Meng’er blinked her beautiful eyes at Chen Xiang, but the shocking scene of Chen Xiang summoning the Xingyue Mad Dragon just now still lingers in her mind. After recovering his strength, Baihu easily expelled the Ice Soul Demon Gang that affected his spirit. “You won, the White Tiger Divine Soldier is yours!” Bai Hu said, but he couldn’t hide the unwillingness in his eyes. When he talked about the White Tiger Divine Beast, he was beaten so badly by a chelsa kid from Betway, and he still took it. It’s a big advantage, if this news gets out, his face la liga may not be able to bear Man City. Chen Xiang smiled and asked: “Where is the White Tiger Soldier?” “In the Holy Land of War, I can’t get close there. Once I get close, the White Tiger Soldier will return to me, and I will take it down at that time.” It’s very difficult, unless you can fuse, I can’t get close.” Baihu sighed: “The title of God of War, when you can really defeat me in the future, it will be yours!” Did you beat you?” Chen Xiang smiled and said: “Senior Bai Hu has a great advantage, if it weren’t for your powerful physical body, I would have finished the job a long time ago…” Hearing Chen Xiang’s words, Bai Hu couldn’t help but blush, and flew away. go. “Through the cave, you can go to the holy place.” Baihu said



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