Aoshi Danshen Chapter 459affiliate new Mozzartbet challenge

The second volume, the third volume, while Li Baojun was refining alchemy, he paid attention to Chen Xiang’s movements. He wanted to see the process of Chen Xiang’s alchemy. Put the Yuan Dan into the Yanlong Treasure Furnace, because the Five Elements True Yuan Pill is more difficult to refine than the Foundation Establishment Pill, so it is more appropriate to use the Yanlong Treasure Furnace. ( Seeing Chen Xiang pouring flames into the Spinmatic surface of the alchemy furnace with one hand, Li Baojun felt a little strange, and when he saw Chen Xiang pick up the medicinal material of the Foundation Establishment Pill, he was even more surprised. “What is he going to do?” Li Baojun asked himself. Chen Xiang released mana, relying on mana to transform into a transparent alchemy furnace, that is, magic magic furnace, which is an invisible alchemy furnace. When he put the medicinal materials of the Foundation Establishment Pill into the Illusory Treasure Furnace, it almost scared Li Baojun so that the furnace exploded. Li Baojun saw that the medicinal materials of the Foundation Establishment Pill seemed to be in a transparent alchemy furnace, located in the middle layer of the alchemy furnace, and the stone was suspended in the air. This made him really want to take out his eyeballs and wipe them clean to see if the LiveScore was his own dazzle. This was the first time he had seen such a weird thing in his life. The thing that shocked him was still to come. Chen Xiang poured flames into the Illusory Treasure Furnace, and the flames just rose from below, entering the second layer of BGaming in the transparent alchemy furnace in a spiral way, roasting the medicinal materials, making them Those medicinal materials released white and green light, and that kind of light hurt Li Baojun’s eyes, which showed that he was right! Li Baojun swallowed in surprise, he was sweating profusely from being frightened by Chen Xiang’s disappearance, now he knows what Chen Xiang is doing



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