Aoshi bet game Pill God Chapter 4la liga 44 big rewards

Download: The middle-aged man guessed what Chen Xiang was thinking, he chuckled: “This thing is not for you to reward Betking, but for you to meet someone!” “Who are you meeting?” Chen Xiang suddenly felt very Disappointed, what reward is meeting someone? Might as well get some treasures. [Auspicious] Chen Xiang looked at the crystal ball above, and saw that the crystal ball suddenly emitted a burst of soft light, which was projected on the ground, and a translucent, illusory and solid person appeared in front of Chen Xiang. Seeing this person, Chen Xiang was stunned, but the middle-aged man City hurriedly bowed and saluted: “Hallmaster, this matter is a bit complicated, please listen to me carefully first.” Champions from the crystal ball The person projected by the league was known to Chen Xiang, it was Wu Canghong who he had seen chelsa at the bottom of the Hero Mountain before! The middle-aged man called Wu Canghong the Lord of the Great Hall, which means that Wu Canghong is very likely to be the king! Wu Canghong smiled and said: “Little brother, we are destined to meet again!” The middle-aged man was surprised when he heard Wu Canghong’s words before he had time to describe something. Chen Xiang Slot Games actually met the king of his affiliates, and he seemed to have a good relationship, and he was appreciated by the king. This is a very rare thing. He knows Wu Canghong’s character very well, and he rarely uses that kind of appreciation look at people. Wu Canghong is a person who practices Shinto, and there are very few Shinto practitioners, so he is very friendly to Chen Xiang, because he feels that Chen Xiang is his own kind, and maybe we can discuss the matter of cultivating Roulette Shinto together in the future. “You go out first! Let him talk about the matter.” Wu Canghong said, the middle-aged man just gave Chen Xiang an incredulous look, and immediately left the stone room.



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