Alchemy God Chapter 4 Betking 29 Coincidence with Lan Affiliate Lan

Error report:, book real madrid name: Gongsun Jie’s storage ring contains sixty demon hearts, fifty of which he got when he came in, Chen Xiang gave these demon hearts to Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou, let Her NetEnts changed these demon hearts a little in the shortest time, so that Wang Quan could not recognize them (). No matter how long this Surebet247 Gongsun Jie Paripesa came in, he only got ten demon hearts, which made Chen Xiang secretly despise him. Just as Chen Xiang guessed, when Wang Quan’s four apprentices came in, Shenwu Hall gave them fifty Yaoxin each, so that it was guaranteed that they would enter the final round. Of course, they all underestimated Chen Xiang’s real strength in Shenwu Hall, and they didn’t expect that Gongsun Jie and Wan Xuan would be so reckless, fighting Chen Xiang desperately. Chen Xiang killed two apprentices of the kingship here, and obtained a total of 165 demon hearts, which is an astonishing number. If Chen Xiang just took it out after he went out, it would definitely make Shenwu Hall suspicious. So he doesn’t plan to take out the demon heart he got from Gongsun Jie and Wan Xuan () chelsa. Using that phantom formation, he killed more than a dozen demons, including several little demons. He trained more than a dozen demon hearts through the energy balls on the little demons, adding up to thirty-two. Later, he killed the poisonous scorpion king of Betting and twenty of his subordinates, and got another twenty-one Bet9ja, and finally he killed the wild boar to get one, a total of fifty-four, which he got all by himself. He divided the demon hearts he got into three parts, one was obtained by himself, and the other two belonged to Gongsun Jie and Wan Xuan. one



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