World Proud Pill God Chapter 414 Black Mozzartbet Night Premier League Confrontation

Chen Xiang soon arrived at the top of the formation disk, as long as the formation disk below was destroyed, he could fly away here and avoid confrontation with that bloodline warrior. “” “Hey, who made you want 22Bet to treat me like this, this is the price you have to pay!” A layer of white radiance slowly emerged from Chen Xiang’s palm, and as this radiance overflowed, the ground trembled crazily. Chen Xiang roared loudly, facing the ground with a palm of flashscore, using dragon force to cast out the palm of the sky, the power can be imagined, the mighty vibration force of the casino slot swept across the land again, and the land was sunk again. Xiang turned over a layer. And the formation plate under his feet was also pierced by the power of his sky-shaking palm, shaking it to pieces! “The Temple of Divine Martial Arts is about to bleed profusely this time!” Chen Xiang laughed, and leaped into the air, releasing a pair of Suzaku fire wings, the wings burning with fierce flames were extraordinarily dazzling in the dark night, illuminating the dark night sky. The moment Chen Xiang just flapped his wings, there was a shout from the ground: “Stop!” Chen Xiang didn’t pay attention to the Betking man, and flew on his own. That was the bloodline warrior of the Temple of Gods, Chen Xiang Although he wanted to fight that person, he had to hurry up. If he was slow, he would be eliminated. He was unwilling to be eliminated in this kind of competition. “Look at the knife!” Chen Xiang, who was flying at high speed, was suddenly shocked, because standing in front of him was a middle-aged man with a hexagonal Frisbee under his feet, holding a golden knife in his hand, and pointed at Shen Xiang. When Xiang Void slashed, the light of the saber suddenly ignited, and hundreds of shadows of the saber erupted from the blade. Chen Xiang couldn’t understand why chelsa’s roulette suddenly appeared in front of him, but fortunately he reacted quickly, and hurriedly put away the vermilion bird fire wings, letting himself



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