Chapter 399 22Bet Shocks the King

Title of the first volume: Wu Kaiming frowned slightly when he saw Chen Xiang’s real action. He had already guessed that it was difficult for Chen Xiang to hide his strength. At this juncture, of course he would fight as hard as he could, but he was a little worried, he was worried that Chen Xiang Paripesa’s attack would be too ruthless, and if he disabled that year, he would have an enmity with the King’s Continent. Chen Xiang’s fists condensed a dazzling blue light, and the blue light shot out one after another thick lightning like snakes, the thunder flashed four times, and the ten thousand zhang light shrouded the competition platform. Now that Chen Xiang has used the powerful Azure Dragon True Qi, the amount of Thunder Energy Surebet247 in it is very domineering, all gathered on his fists. Back then, the big man himself used lightning power, and he could see that the lightning power Chen Xiang used was much stronger than his own. When he came up before, King Quan told him that Endorphina Chen Xiang was just a Little ghosts who have entered the ultimate realm, don’t have to be afraid, just let go and fight. But now that year he was secretly cursing the royal power, Chen Xiang was not a brat, he was a demon god at all, as far as the murderous aura of man city released by Chen Xiang was concerned, it had already made him feel terrified. The young man can enter the ultimate realm, and he is not a vegetarian flashscore. Although he had a short-term fear of la liga, now he can only use his own super strength to compete with Chen Xiang. Chen Xiang walked slowly step by step, the young man let out a roar, and the giant fist once again erupted with lightning, but compared with Chen Xiang’s, it was much inferior. The fist hit very fast, as if a thunder fell from the sky, that speed and force suddenly hit the air, and a sonic boom blasted towards the bridge of Chen Xiang’s nose. The speed of this punch is very fast, the true energy used is very vigorous, and the burst is very powerful.



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