Aoshi Danshen Chapter 369 Table champions league Betting status

If you like “” you can or share it with more book friends through the button below. Just when everyone felt very bored, a golden light shot from a distance, which looked much more dazzling than a sun rumble, and everyone looked over immediately. Chen Xiang didn’t need to look at the Slot Games to know that this must be a member of the Holy Light Sect, and many people on the tables stood up. Except for the Endorphina sects of the Chenwu Continent, all Betting people from other overseas continents came out. The location, standing in the open space in the middle. Gu Dongchen’s fists were suddenly clenched tightly, because those warriors from overseas have all surrendered to the Holy Light Sect. Even in Nirvana, they are in awe of the Holy Light Parimatch Sect. people watching. Qin Zejun was at the front, flying over with a large group of people in man city wearing golden robes, releasing a forceful force, and landed in the square on the high mountain. He waved his hand and let Everyone else went back to their seats. The people in gold robes behind him also found seats to sit down. There were about two hundred people, but there were more than forty of them with slightly different clothes. These forty people sat down at ten tables. . “These ten tables should come from ten relatively powerful continents. Their overall strength is very strong, and they are very different from those other people in gold robes.” Long Xueyi said. There are more than a dozen strong continents in the East China Sea, and they were also the first to be taken down by the Holy Light Sect. Naturally, these people will not join forces to deal with Taiwumen, at most they will isolate Taiwumen. They dare not destroy the number one guarding the entrance. Otherwise, the three waters of the West Sea, the North Sea, and the South China Sea will definitely say something about poker. www.Niuâ—‡Novel Reading Network “You people who came from the Holy Light Sect



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