Aoshidan Live Betting God Chapter 324 Beauty Trick

——The power released by Chen Xiang’s knife just now is really shocking, it’s those who arranged the enchantment, they can feel it more clearly. They are all in Nirvana, they are old guys who have lived for many years, so it is natural to see that Chen Xiang’s martial arts are extraordinary. They suspect that what Chen Xiang used just now is very likely that there are many dragon sports scattered around the mortal world, but there are not many nairabets, and even these giant masters don’t have many. Although Chen Xiang’s sword was scary just now, those giant masters saw that the sword that could cut off was not his martial arts, but the treasured sword of unknown grade in his hand. A knife that can cut even a treasure weapon is definitely not ordinary. Those giant masters now know that if Chen Xiang is allowed to hold a weapon, then their disciples have no chance of winning. The four Nirvana realms who arranged the barrier communicated with their spiritual sense, and finally decided to restrict Chen Xiang’s use of weapons, otherwise the next three people who will compete with Chen Xiang will definitely lose. “Chen Xiang, the people who will take over our side to fight don’t know how to use weapons, and neither can you!” said. With Gu Dongchen watching from the side, Chen Xiang is not afraid of these giant masters, being dominated by the opponent Betway in this competition, which makes him feel very unworthy. “Chen Xiang, your knife is too powerful, don’t you think it’s unfair? Real madrid” Tang Yichao said. Chen Xiang laughed loudly: “Fair? I’m currently at the fifth stage of Endorphina, Pragmatic play, but Peng Xianwu is indeed at the sixth stage. Is this what you mean by fairness? When you use weapons, I have to follow suit, and you don’t use them.” Sometimes I can’t use it? Is this fair? Shit is fair, if you don’t have a weapon you can get, don’t yell that Betting will use a contest to solve the problem.” Chen Xiang’s



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