Proud Mozzartbet World Pill God Chapter 3affiliate09 Create Miracles

Through the parimatch hole on the window, Liu Menger saw Chen Xiang’s gaze, bit her cherry lips lightly, “Little fairy, look at the good deeds you have done, this kid must hate you to death,” Liu Menger said. With a worried look on her face, she said, “Meng’er, it seems that you have been completely captured by this little scoundrel, hehe!” Hua Xiangyue said indifferently, “Look carefully, this little scoundrel’s potential for alchemy is still high.” I haven’t fully utilized it, I did this to stimulate his potential, his powerful alchemy furnace gave him a lot of reliance on casino slots, and made him ignore some things,” Chen Xiang looked at the tattered The alchemy furnace is cold in the heart and full of cracks, but BetWinner still has a few low-quality spirits inside, and it looks like an ordinary furnace, which is rotten. Best bless me not to lose at 1xBet, otherwise don’t blame me for being so hot… No, even if I curse secretly, full of anger, Ruhua Xiangyue asks me clearly, Hundred Beast Pill is a low-grade Xuan-level pill, although it is easier to refine However, Chen Xiang felt that if he used this broken thing to refine, it would be as difficult to refine as a elixir. “The rules for each player are the same as the previous Premier League, quality and quantity. Surebet247 also has a time limit for this game. Let’s make a point, and we will increase it.” It’s up to you, now you prepare first,” Madam Li said, until now, Chen Xiang has no choice but to bite the bullet and use this junk to refine, and now the medicinal materials have started to be distributed, the medicinal materials of the Beast Hundred Beast Pill are Danxiang Taoyuan is the most indispensable, so they are willing to give up such expensive medicinal materials. “Everyone has two chances. If you fail the first time, you can come to me to receive a medicinal material.” This is not bad, after all



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