Aoshi Danshen Chapter 2BetWinner64 Xuanwu chelsa body strengthening technique

[ISB No. 327976] After eating a piece of Hell Ganoderma in the second volume of poker, Chen Xiang felt that he was much better now, but the injury was still serious, which made him have to eat more Hell Ganoderma to make him recover faster. “Ghost Wu?” Chen Xiang also felt a little horrified when he heard it. “Well, invisible martial arts, ghost-like martial arts, that’s why it’s called this, but this kind of ghost martial arts has been lost in real madrid, and the conditions for learning are very harsh.” Su Meiyao said here, and let out a strange and charming smile . Bai Youyou snorted coldly: “Ghost martial arts are originally learned by women. If a man insists on learning, there will be only one consequence, that is, his life will shrink.” The corner of Chen Xiang’s mouth twitched suddenly, and he suddenly understood why he hit Lu Jie just now. Between the legs, there is no such “chicken flying egg” feeling. “No wonder this guy is so perverted!” Chen Xiang took a slight breath. Although he was highly wanted, many people were very jealous of him. After all, his reputation as a betting game has already become a household name in Chenwu Continent. The dream of many warriors is To be famous in the world, people have vanity. “I want to kill that 1xBet guy, I want to become stronger!” Chen Xiang slammed his fists on the ground and said fiercely. “Liverpool doesn’t know much about Onimu, but judging from his attack just now, he used a lot of zhenqi when he attacked. He originally wanted to kill you, so he exhausted his strength, but after hitting you In addition, your physical strength and your basalt vajra armor saved your life.” Su Meiyao said, although the moment was very short, it was clearly engraved in their minds, so She can perform flashscore detailed analysis.



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