affiliatepokerNight RangerChapter 51The Exile

Dark blue background color novel reading network blue starting point blue selection scrolling speed selection automatic page turning automatic page turning has a sidebar “I am a night traveler.” Ibrahimovic suddenly realized. Oli also reacted, and she looked at Marvin apologetically: “Sorry, we almost got the real culprit wrong…” The elf iron guards put down their bows and arrows under her command. It is an indisputable fact that the Night Walker has always been on good terms with the Wood Elves. Coupled with the fact that Marvin is indeed only level six, it is impossible for him to kill these people. “So you killed the real culprit?” Ollie noticed Black Jack’s body being burned behind Marvin. Marvin nodded. He walked quickly to the stake, and pulled out his emerald dagger directly from Black Jack’s body. The terrible gloves can block the flames, so he is not afraid of being burned at all. Oli took a deep breath, looked at the innocent compatriots who died around her, and showed a hint of compassion. “In that case, let’s bury them first with Livescore…” However, Ibrahimovic interrupted her words mercilessly: “Do you have basic common sense?” “The exile on the Red Road never acts alone! This guy Obviously he is going to advance, he still needs a guide! It is the guide who led me to Chiba Forest!” “The current situation is very dangerous… Forget it, you don’t understand if I analyze it with you , you just need to know that a bona fide red-road exile—possibly of quasi-legendary strength—has intruded into the Chiba Forest through a special item that eluded my obstinate father. “Let’s not talk about ordinary villagers, even if an elf iron guard encounters this guy, it is very dangerous.” “I mean, do you understand the forebet?” Ibrahimovic walked over with a serious expression, staring at Marvin : “When you arrived, did you see anyone else?” Marvin recalled for a while, and finally shook his head. When betting he arrived, he only saw Black Jack alone. He didn’t know much about the exiles on the red road, and he didn’t know what the guides said. “I understand!” Although Oli was repeatedly humiliated by Ibrahimovic, she had a surprisingly good temper and endured it all the time. “This matter must be reported to the Great Elf King immediately.” Oli decisively pointed out four elf iron guards, and asked them to return to the elf capital as quickly as possible, and report to Nicholas about the intrusion of the exiles from the Red Road. Then she stayed two more people and ordered them to escort Prince Eevee back to the stone giant’s territory. After all, this guy is a person who is guilty and exiled. The rest followed her and quickly searched the nearby area. Hearing Oli’s arrangement, Ibrahimovic looked like he knew your man city would be like this, and sat down on the ground loosely. However, Marvin said, “Wait a minute!” He brought out the elf boy who had been hidden before. “He is the only surviving child in this village, what are you going to do with him?” Marvin asked in a deep voice. The elf boy seemed to be a little numb, and his eyes were full of fear when he looked at everyone. Just a few hours ago, he looked at Marvin with those eyes full of agility, saying that he wanted to see the world. A few hours later, those eyes had become dazed and painful. Before he had time to experience the splendor of this world, this ferocious world had already shown its fangs to him. Marvin sympathized with what had happened to him. But he has no right to control the fate of this boy’s roulette, he is an elf after all. Ollie looked at the poor boy and pondered, “Let him go to the city of elves. We will take care of him.” Capital of elves? Marvin shook his head inwardly. Such an ordinary boy, with such a bizarre and bloody experience, can find his place and belonging in the city of elves? Marvin was skeptical. But Ollie has already made a decision, and Marvin has no right to interfere. So he came to the boy, and solemnly handed him the emerald dagger. At the same time, he also wrapped the dagger with a piece of cloth. “I used this dagger to avenge the elves in your village.” “This dagger has the blood of your enemy. Give it to you.” Then he winked at the bewildered boy. The young man took it numbly, but carefully hid it close to his body. He even forgot to say thank you. Looking at the back of the elf iron guard leading the young man away, Marvin sighed secretly. It’s not that he is reluctant to give away an emerald dagger, after all, he has plenty of weapons at hand now. He is the fate of the boy who sighs. “I hope that when he is confused and desperate, he can see a ray of light.” The dagger is not the most important thing, but the cloth that wraps the dagger is the most important. That is a map of Chiba no Mori and the surrounding areas. Few wood elves can leave Chiba Forest, because the Great Elf King does not allow such a thing to happen. But Marvin had a faint feeling that this young man might be different. (The recommendation has fallen to the fourth place, and we urgently need everyone’s firepower support to push the dark night up!) (:)(:→) The latest novels and e-book resources provided by this website are all collected from the Internet. This website only provides web page services. It does not provide small resource storage, nor participate in services such as uploading. 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