World Proud Pill God Chapter Paripesa 220 baccarat Primordial Spirit Pill

Novels, good-looking novels, romance novels, travel time novels, martial arts novels, online game novels, fantasy casino Slot novels, YY novels, big real madrid panda literature, giant panda 1xBet literature website background color: word sports betting font selection: category: author: Book title: Yuanshen Pill is a low-grade Betking Pill of the mysterious level. It is not as rare as Zhuji Pill, and its medicinal materials are also very difficult to find, and it is even more difficult to refine than Zhuji Pill. This content is 220 chapters. The difficulty of refining the Foundation Establishment Pill is only that of the Spirit-level top-grade pill, mainly because the medicinal materials are precious and rare, so it is included in the Mysterious-level low-grade pill, but this Yuan BetWinner pill is not only rare and precious, but also very difficult to refine. Both the Ascending Soul Grass and the Spirit God Flower Chen Xiang cultivated a large area, although they are all seedlings, but he has the Golden Ambergris, so it is not difficult to make these flowers and plants grow quickly. In the secret room, Chen Xiang followed Su Meiyao’s instructions and processed the medicinal materials. As long as the Soul Ascension Grass is close to the small part of the root, for the Spiritual God Flower, it only needs the designated petals and roots, and it must be handled carefully. Adding a little something else unnecessary creates an aura that can cause confusion, and it will lead to failure. Spiritual God Flower and Ascension Soul Grass are the main materials, and there are many other auxiliary materials. There are thirty kinds of them, all of which are relatively common medicinal materials, such as ginseng, ganoderma lucidum, animal pill, etc. Mozzatbet has been for more than a thousand years, so it is very difficult to find these auxiliary medicinal materials, but it is not difficult for Chen Xiang, what he got in the medicine garden and Xuanwu Xuanjing is enough for him to use for a long time up. live betting After Shen Xiang evenly matched the auxiliary materials and the main materials, he put them into a jade box. He made ten parts of the materials, and then



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