Aoshi Danshen Chapter Pragmatic play205Parimatch Big Storm

Novels, good-looking Parimatch novels, romance la liga novels, time-travel novels, martial arts novels, online game novels, fantasy novels, YY novels, giant panda literature, giant panda literature website background color: font selection: category: author: title: [ISB number 327976] Volume 2 “It’s true, I stayed here for two months, and I heard the people from the Demon Yang Sect and the Ao Jian Zong talking! But I heard from Gu Zhu that the Ao Jian Zong seems to be in conflict For many years, the person in charge of the Demon Yang Sect should be the person in charge of the north, but there is no evidence now, so the owner of the valley can’t make a move.” Leng Youlan said. Chen Xiang looked at the cave illuminated by some stones, and said: “Youlan, it’s really not easy for you to stay here alone for two months!” It’s far away.” Leng Youlan said indifferently, and then smiled: “Brother, you must not be as good as me now, I am the strength of the fourth stage of the true martial arts, and chelsa is the ice and fire divine vein! But Gu In order to protect me, the Lord said it was the Ice and Fire Divine Vein.” Chen Xiang was startled, Su Meiyao and then Bai Youyou were also amazed, Leng Youlan turned out to be the Ice and Fire Divine Vein! No wonder it improves so fast. Chen Xiang took out a piece of Earth Heart God Fruit and handed it to Leng Youlan, who also ate it politely. “Youlan, you can’t be so absolute, even though I’m in the second stage of True Martial Realm, if we really fight, hehe.” Chen Xiang smiled and said to Paripesa. After Leng Youlan ate the heart fruit, she frowned, and then said with a sweet smile: “Brother, this is a good thing!” She closed her eyes, took a breath, and opened them. Chen Xiang was taken aback



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