Alchemy of the World Proud God Chapter 175: Endorphina dominates the mysterious realm

Novels, good-looking novels, romance novels, time-travel novels, martial arts novels, online game novels, fantasy little poker talk, YY novels, giant panda literature, giant panda literature website background color: font selection: category: author: title: “Chen Xiang , what are you going to do? This content is text content!” An old man’s voice trembled, he could be said to be meat on the chopping board, allowing Chen Xiang to slaughter him, just now they also saw a person with good sports betting being crippled, and they were terrified endlessly. Just now these people were aggressively trying to grab Chen Xiang’s things, but now they look dead, with fear and despair on their faces! “I’m not going to kill you, I’m going to destroy you! I want you guys who usually bully others to experience that kind of life of being bullied, and let you know how abominable you are usually.” Chen Xiang laughed ferociously. . A violent baccarat energy erupted from his body, the island trembled suddenly, and the hundreds of people screamed at the same time, all screaming to the end, rolling on the ground, spitting blood, they were terrified , extreme anger, extreme despair, but nothing can be done! They were abolished, and the true qi in their bodies was inexplicably blown away by Chen Xiang. Not only did they destroy the strength they had cultivated for many years, but chelsa also destroyed their dantians, making them unable to practice anymore. They will suffer even more. And among these people, there are also a few people who have stepped into the ultimate three realms, and they scolded Chen Xiang angrily at this moment. Now, they are more uncomfortable than death, and he has nothing to fear. “Chen Xiang, Pragmatic play Xiaoyao Xian Paripesa Haibu Leap will let you go!” An old man from Xiaoyao Xianhai said viciously



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