Endorphina Aoshi Danshen Chapter 122Bet15 heads-up first inner court

“Big sister, that guy named Chen Xiang is going to challenge Mr. Mo, do you want to go and see? Just today, the location is the first inner courtyard!” Wu Xiaodie came to an elegant room full of enthusiasm, facing A yellow shirt woman said. (Download, Lou ww.XaZAilOU.Cm) Please visit. Please use the pinyin domain name of this site to visit us. Wu Qianqian was slightly startled, she knew that Chen Xiang would definitely challenge the First Inner Court, the roulette, but she didn’t expect it to be so fast: “Xiaodie, let’s go, I must see this How powerful is Chen Xiang!” Wu Xiaodie snorted coquettishly: “This annoying guy will definitely be beaten to death by Mr. Mo, and today he made me so ugly.” Wu Qianqian said with a light smile “You little girl is taking advantage of others and acting like a good boy, let’s go.” Wu Xiaodie wrinkled her nose, stomped her feet, and snorted coquettishly, thinking of her grabbing Chen Xiang’s chest, her pretty face turned rosy again. In the Elder’s Court in Xuanjing, Wu Kaiming smiled and said: “Boss, do you think we should join in the fun at NetEnt, and see how this little Liverpool master won, and even singled out the entire First Inner Court! Slot Games “Gu Dongchen laughed and said: “Of course, I really hope he loses, and then we can make fun of him and see how he is still arrogant in front of us.” Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming left the profound realm, Standing on top of a 50-storey tower, looking at the first inner courtyard which occupies a very large area in the distance. After Shen Xiang disappeared for two years, he did such an earth-shattering man city thing as soon as he appeared, his name Endorphina was immediately remembered, and soon he became a celebrity in Taiwumen again. Chen Xiang is not just Taiwumen



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