Aoshi Danshen real madrid Chapter 100 Big Bet9ja Consummation

[ISB No. 327976] In the first volume, Chen Xiang found a cave on a cliff in the Dead Dragon Mountain Range. He swallowed the four True Yuan Pills in it, entered the cultivation state, and digested the four True Yuan Pills. The vast infuriating coming. What he had to do at this time was to compress a large amount of true energy into each of the beast elephants, so that the beast elephants became clearer! He has Yin-Yang Divine Meridian and 1xBet Tai Chi Divine Art, which allows him to refine those true qi more quickly, and at the same time absorb the rich spiritual weapons around him! Now Chen Xiang is not only cultivating true qi, but also uses a large amount of true qi to nourish the shins in his body, and integrates a large amount of true qi into his physical body to strengthen his physical body! Four days passed, the four-color mist lingering around Chen Xiang’s body suddenly dissipated, and a strange and powerful air flow suddenly gushed out from Nairabet’s body. Chen Xiang has successfully made the four beasts complete, making the four beasts with true energy clearly visible and lifelike! Betting his consciousness unconsciously entered the Taiji Yin-Yang diagram in his dantian, as if he was inside it. At this moment, he seems to be sitting in the center of the Taichi Yin-Yang diagram, and he is like a dust in the universe, while the four sports betting beasts hang high in all directions like the scorching sun, majestic and breath-taking. The east is a roulette with teeth and claws, a dazzling blue dragon! In the south is a huge red bird, Suzaku, which is full of flames, like a burning fire! The west is a white tiger shining with holy white light and glaring at majesty! In the north is a mighty behemoth that combines a giant dragon and a giant tortoise, Xuanwu! Yin and Yang represent the universe, and these four beasts are the divine beasts guarding the four directions of the world. The four divine beasts exude vigor



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