Endorphina’s World-Proud Pill Man City God Chapter 85 Don’t Die

Never give in, this is what Chen Xiang kept telling himself in his heart, but Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou fell silent, they seemed to acquiesce in Chen Xiang doing this dangerous thing, and at the same time were deeply shocked by Chen Xiang’s indomitable spirit Alright, nice novel:. “Hmph, a person like an ant…” Elder Dan’s voice seemed to be gritted his teeth, as if he was angry now. Chen Xiang had just walked a few steps, and fell down again, this time he was lying on the ground, their bodies were full of blood. “Didn’t you also come here from an ant? One day, I, an ant, will definitely surpass you.” Chen Xiang gritted his teeth and said, although his voice was weak, it was full of pride. Chen Xiang failed to stand up, but he managed to climb over a little by little. “Brother Shen…” Yun Xiaodao looked at Chen Xiang with moist eyes. He remembered that he just gave up because it was too uncomfortable, but now Chen Xiang had to risk his life to pass the second assessment. A strong woman bows her head, even if he is an ant. “Brother Shen, you will definitely be able to come here, hold on.” Yun Xiaodao originally thought that Chen Xiang was dead, but he didn’t expect Chen Xiang to be able to persist until this point, so he couldn’t help shouting. “Chen Xiang, let’s enter the inner door together, old man, I had your perseverance back then, so I didn’t have to stay in the outer door for so long.” Zhang De was also infected by Chen Xiang. “Chen Xiang, hold on and you will definitely be able to qualify for the Premier League.” A person in the square shouted Slot Games. Seeing Shen Xiang crawling slowly on the scorching ground, and seeing the blood evaporating from his body, everyone was deeply shocked by this. “Chen Xiang…Chen Xiang…Chen Xiang…” Hundreds of people in the square roared in unison.



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