The World-Proud MsportsSpinmatic Pill God Chapter 55 Longwu

In the early morning, the weather was fine, and the Wangcheng was as lively as usual, but many people got the news that there was still a final level in the Wangcheng Martial Arts Association this time. It was a competition with a Msports disciple sent from the Martial Arts School. Only by winning that disciple could we win the final victory . ( (Read Please visit man city. Hearing this news, Chen Xiang cursed secretly in his heart, he guessed that Shen Furong must have left Wangcheng these days to find him, just to prevent him from winning the crown of Wangcheng Martial Arts Association. “Don’t worry, it can’t be inner disciples. Inner disciples don’t have that much time to spare. I think they should be stronger outer disciples, maybe in the eighth level of Mortal Martial Realm like Chelsa.” Su Meiyao said, regarding the matters in the sect , she and Bai Youyou are very clear. “That’s fine, just don’t let me down too much,” Shen Xiang raised his live score in his heart for a burst of fighting spirit. Tens of thousands of people had already gathered in the square in front of the gate of Yaojia. This was the final match, and it was also a competition between two young disciples, both of whom were well-known and powerful teenagers. Among the crowd, Shen Tianhu, Shen Yihan, Shen Haohai and others were already hidden among them. Each of them led fifty elite disciples of the Shen family, and whenever there was any trouble, they would immediately attack . Chen Xiang stepped onto the competition platform in the middle, and there was a commotion in the crowd. “He dared to come. I heard that the Yao family might take him after the bet game finals.” A person said in surprise. “It is said that the disappearance of the Yao family’s genius and the Yao family’s elders has something to do with him. It seems that he killed it. The Yao family will use this incident as an excuse to deal with him.” A Chinese



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