Poker Premier League Aoshi Danshen Chapter 40 Fire Dragon Blood Jade

(‘Mobile phone users, please log in and read this book. Uncle Meng originally came to find fault, but now he feels ashamed. He is very grateful for Chen Xiang’s previous actions. He decided not to accept Chen Xiang’s golden spirit fruit even if he wins. .(.)No. v1v中v文\sUnder normal circumstances, a furnace of Gangqi Pill can produce three grains, and a more powerful alchemist can refine four grains to Paripesa. Uncle Meng opened his Xuanyang Behind the lid of the alchemy furnace, four transparent pills with a hint of yellowish color can be seen slowly floating up. “Four stellar qi la liga pills are worthy of being the king of pills!” An alchemist next to him couldn’t help but exclaimed: ” From Ze Hexiang’s point of view, BetWinner’s quality should be top-notch!” At this time, it was Chen Xiang’s turn, and after Shen rumble Xiang opened the lid of the alchemy furnace, he blew lightly to blow away the mist. At this time, everyone was stunned. A look of shock. The flashscore saw five exquisite and flawless pills, and there was a trace of white slippery in them. This is a pill with no impurities. Unbelievable. Not only five grains, but also high quality, this level far surpasses Uncle Meng! Uncle Meng sighed, and when he looked at Chen Xiang, his eyes were full of respect. Before, he thought that Chen Xiang was the same as Tian Hua, He is a somewhat talented and proud young man, but now that he sees that the Stellar Qi Pill refined by Chen Xiang is far superior to him, he can’t help but be convinced! “I lost!” Meng Bo sighed Parimatch, at this time he He is no longer the arrogant alchemy king just now, but now he seems to be much older, which is a big blow to him after all. “Old Meng, live betting I think you don’t usually refine the pills very much. Qi Pill Nairabet! You can refine such quality even when you are unfamiliar



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