roulette world-defying alchemy sports betting chapter 25 uncle

This article contains 25 chapters, if you like 25 chapters, please bookmark 25 chapters! “What kind of martial arts are you using?” Yao Patriarch asked with an ugly face. If Chen Xiang hadn’t possessed peerless magic arts, it would be absolutely impossible for Chen Xiang to make him so unbearable with the sixth level of Mortal Martial Realm. Other book friends are watching :. Chen Xiang didn’t answer, but clenched his fists tightly, and saw his fists condensed into two tiger heads, he took a step forward, and in the blink of an eye, a burst of fist shadows blasted out, bombarding the Yao family like thousands of tigers in Liverpool Lao, every punch will produce a violent explosion, making the ground tremble and rumble continuously, and the Yao family elder just blocked a dozen or so punches before being hit by Msports. After being punched, the medicine The true qi in the elder’s whole body was shaken away, and he could only use his own body to resist Chen Xiang’s stormy forebet-like fist, while other book friends were watching:. Chen Xiang’s fists were violent, fierce, and ruthless. Every time he punched the Yao family elder, everyone’s hearts trembled. They were all thinking about what would happen to them if they were hit! At this time, the people in the square were all staring at Chen Xiang’s brutal attack with gaping mouths. If they hadn’t witnessed it with their own eyes, it would be hard for them to believe that a sixteen-year-old boy could treat Yao’s parents as a sandbag. Ravaged like this, this level of strength made them feel chills down their spines. “Competing with the people from the Yao family is simply a disgrace to me! I would like to bet against you, get out!” Chen Xiang shouted loudly, and kicked the elder of the Yao family, kicking him to the side of the Yao family. next to the guards. The Yao family elder had already passed out completely at this time, his bones were shattered by Chen Xiang’s Tianhu violent killing fist Leap, and he was seriously injured.



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