premier league Night Ranger Chapter 69 Redemption (on Sportybet)

Text fee 1xBet South Central. ◎, In the vast green sea, the gate from the abyss stands impressively in the east of the highest jungle. Rivers of blood from the abyss are slowly flowing into this land. Tens of thousands of druids gathered at the defense line of the eastern part of the city, and they followed behind the grand druids of the Migratory Bird Council, solemnly preparing for this battle. A large number of demons are taking boats from the bottomless abyss, crossing the blood river, and arriving at Feinan. The sky was almost gray, not much different from that at night – ever since the star beast died, its corpse had been lying across Feinan’s sky, blocking a lot of sunlight. Such a gloomy weather is just like the mood of the residents of the highest forest. The Devil’s Gate appeared half a month ago. It was an attack on Feinan launched by a well-known abyss lord. Because the magic pool of the universe has collapsed and the laws of time and space are gradually being restored, those powerful beings can easily approach Feinan. One after another, the gods have descended. Most of them concentrated in the north and west, and they began to open up missionary lands. Among them, led by the three towns of the Northland, although the whereabouts of the Valkyrie Eve is unknown, Pragmatic play Chenguang and the Guardian God still hold on to this land, and the Evolution game has started a thriving construction. The same goes for the rest of the gods. They began to descend to Feinan, whose powerful godhead made it difficult for mortals to rise up to resist. Except for a few forces that possessed the forebet fire of order, the flames of the gods had ignited every corner of Feinan. However, it does not include the High Jungle and Migratory Bird Council. After a failed negotiation, this group of stubborn descendants of natural ancient gods did not accept any god



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