Dark Betting Night Ranger Premier League Chapter 40 Successor

Hearing this voice, Marvin was overjoyed at first, and then a little worried! Winnie woke up! This is of course good news. But now Surebet247 wakes up from this unfavorable situation, which is not good news for Marvin! But for other people, it is very inexplicable. Above the hall, a floating little boy suddenly appeared. The little boy looks no older than eleven or twelve years old, but he has the energy of a legendary wizard! Sharp-eyed people recognized at a glance that this boy was the one that affiliate Marvin had been looking for outside the Babel Tower. He is actually Marvin’s younger brother! Are these Slot Games brothers freaks? A person who is only fifteen or sixteen years old already possesses the strength to protect the second plane. The other one is even more exaggerated! An eleven or twelve-year-old legendary wizard! And such pure arcane energy is simply unheard of! The terrifying arcane energy quickly gathered in the hall, restless. In the air of the hall, there seemed to be hidden beasts grinding their teeth, ready to pounce out at any time and bite the enemy to death! The sudden appearance of such a legendary wizard has no effect on the overall situation in most people’s minds. The legendary wizard is awesome! Paripesa But the current situation cannot be solved by a legendary wizard. On Marvin’s side, at least one sub-plane guardian level powerhouse is needed to keep him alive! And although this little boy is very talented, he is definitely not a Liverpool wizard at the guardian level of the next plane! The arcane energy on him is pure, but that’s all. His future may be amazing, but not now. “We all want to kill your brother, how can you kill us all?” said the strong man from rumble on the west coast



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