Chapter 738: The Sorrow of Li Xiongtu [The third update! 】

Meng Huanhuan couldn’t help but blushed and laughed, and immediately believed that these people were sure bet247 Li Xiongtu’s friends, sports betting was so familiar when they spoke, and said shyly: “We are not married yet.” Meaning, called sister-in-law It is not appropriate to call them younger brothers and sisters. Ao Xieyun yelled: “Li Xiongtu, you idiot, why don’t you hurry up and marry him back home… I’m so envious…” Li Xiongtu suddenly became nervous, he leaned in front of Meng Huanhuan, and said Parimatch: “Ao Xieyun, you bastard, you already have a lot of wives and concubines in your family…” He whispered to Meng Huanhuan, “Go in quickly, these people are not good people.” Ao Xieyun and the three laughed. Great joy! Watching Meng Huanhuan leave, Li Xiongtu said: “Follow me. betting” turned and left. Mo Tianji and the others followed closely behind him and entered a secret room in the courtyard. “This secret room belongs to the Li family’s forebet.” Li Xiongtu said in a deep voice, “There was originally a monitoring thing, but I destroyed it. The family didn’t say anything.” Mo Tianji chose a chair and sat down: “You want to What are you talking about?” Li Xiongtu turned his back to the three Premier League members, and said slowly, “I don’t know the purpose of your visit. But I know you, Mo Tianji, have absolutely no good intentions!” Mo Tianji smiled and did not speak. Ao Xieyun and Rui Butong felt a little amused, it seems that Mo Tianji’s deceit has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people… Even Li Xiongtu, who is so real, knows that he is uneasy. “The current critical situation of the Li family is already in jeopardy, and you are the only one who can barely reverse or maintain this situation.” Li Xiongtu said: “I will never deny this; but, I want to know, what exactly do you want? If only Online Casino wants to use the Li family



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