Betking Dark Chelsa Night Ranger Chapter 10 Feinan

As soon as this remark came out, everyone in Roulette was in an uproar near the First Mountain Range! Marvin’s words are too arrogant, right? Although the crowd had indeed made great concessions just now because of his strength, the nineteen strong men from all over the multiverse did not choose to join forces because they could not trust each other absolutely. But under such circumstances, Marvin dared to push forward? Didn’t Online Casino just win the first stone, and simply uttered wild words and booked the second ticket for the affiliate? If this can be compromised, then there is no need for the rest of the people to come to the First Mountain Range. There is no need to fight Nairabet for the Slate of Destiny, just give Marvin directly to Paripesa. Leap “Huh!” Among the nineteen strong men, some of them immediately couldn’t hold back their faces. The fanatical factor was in the air, and a red hammer fell from the sky. It was a strong man with the height of three people! His face is full of anger, and from the appearance, he is a very grumpy person! The red hammer had the power of law faintly, and a large number of imprisonment runes flashed out. If it was an ordinary person, I am afraid that they would not even be able to dodge, and would be directly smashed into meatloaf by BGaming! The God of Rage baccarat! The moment the hammer appeared in the premier league, everyone was shocked. Didn’t it mean that all the gods in the kingdom of heaven are on the front line to resist the invasion of star beasts? Why is there a deity with medium divine power appearing here. You must know that although the God of Rage does not have the great level of livescore divine power like his elder brother God of War; his own domain of God is also relatively narrow, only including two options that are more spiritual, anger and rage, but because Because of the twin brothers, the God of Rage can use the domain of the God of War



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