Live betting Chapter 682 of the Seventh Part of the World-Proud Nine Heavens has a NetEnt incident!

Background color: Chu Yang was stunned when he heard it, and he admired his uncle Yang Ruoxiong’s live betting even more! How can this guy be so insane… Chu Yang immediately made a decision: this uncle must not let any major events happen in the future! “Your Uncle Gouxiong, how can you be a person who can keep a secret… The old man was really blind. At that time, he kowtowed and swore that he would not reveal it. As a result, he got drunk that night… real madrid… keep it secret The words are still in my ears, but they are known all over the world in a blink of an eye… But this bastard is still my own son…” Mr. Yang was so sad that he beat his chest and feet with snot and tears and cursed furiously: “He …Ah…Nairabet…that evil!” Seeing Mrs. Yang’s livid face halfway through, she temporarily swallowed a certain word in half. Chu Yang’s flashscore was completely convinced: This is okay? Slot Games and more! Mrs. Yang said contemptuously: “Look at how innocent you are…you still have the face to talk about your son? The two senior managers are afraid that the secret will be leaked. Mozzartbet lives in the Yang family compound and dare not go home. Usually You don’t see anyone, and you keep the secret like an iron wall! Don’t you blame yourself?” “You keep asking others to keep the secret, but you are happy to announce it… Where do you have the face? You also talk about your son…” “Isn’t that what you told your son after you drank? Ruoxiong, come here, come here, and I will tell you a big secret baccarat, don’t tell outsiders…” The old lady learned it perfectly, and then said ‘pooh’ and cursed: “The old one is a pig, and the young one is a bear! You two, don’t tell anyone.



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