Proud premier league World Nine Heavens seventh part 660 Evolution game chapter God-like analysis

Seeing Lan Mofeng taking the first seat under Fifth Qingrou, all the lords felt that the current Lan Mofeng was a little different from the Lan Mofeng just now, but they couldn’t tell what the difference was. But none of you would be so naive as to think that Fifth Qingrou could buy Lan Mofeng off with just a few words. Everyone is the eighth-rank supreme. How strong is the heart, usually the big landslides are in front of the eyes without blinking chelsa, life and death are just a routine, how can BGaming be bought by someone with just a few words? So everyone didn’t think much about it at all. However, his flashscores don’t know; such a thing as the destruction of the family is a heavy blow to anyone. At this time, a warm word is enough to make people remember it for a lifetime! How can sending charcoal in the snow compare? What’s more, Wu Wuqingrou’s words made Lan Mofeng sink in a feeling, and made him stand up again in this group. The fifth Evolution game gently gives dignity. Of course, this can’t buy Lan Mofeng, but in the days to come, Fifth Qingrou will leave a reliable impression of Parimatch in his heart. And with Fifth Qingrou’s ability means, as long as he is given time and opportunity, he is absolutely sure to turn this momentary gratitude into control! Wu Wuqingrou waited for Lan Mofeng to sit down before she said with a smile: “Everyone, the current incident in Man City is unexpected, and it can also be said that it was groundbreaking and completely disrupted our original deployment plan.” .Mozzartbet” Everyone nodded. This incident was indeed a world-shattering impact. Everyone is still dizzy in the betting of their heads, feeling like they are dreaming. As for the original plan… in the face of such an emergency, where



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