Night Tour NetEnt Man Chapter 240 Fraud and Betway Wisdom [2 in 1]

When Marvin arrived at the Chiba Forest at the fastest speed, he clearly felt that this peaceful forest in the past had become full of crises everywhere. The number of elf iron guards became even larger, and they all looked a little tired. However, sports betting has the check and balance of orderly fire, and the monsters near Chiba no Mori are not too overwhelmed. The information he got from Madeline was that after that bloody incident, Ibrahimovic was officially crowned as the new Great Elf King. Marvin is very clear about this. The bloodshed incident was poker directed by him, with the purpose of eradicating dissidents for Betking. In this cruel era of BetWinner, democracy and freedom have become luxuries. What the wood elves need is a leader who can lead the people to live, not a group of inefficient councils of elders who only fight with their own people. What surprised Marvin was that the sea elf queen actually became Ibrahimovic’s princess. It is said that this news came from the mouth of the head guard of an elf iron guard in Chiba Forest, and it is not known whether it is reliable or not. Ibrahimovic and Marvin have contacted several times, but the two parties are no longer idlers, and both have important things to do. The only thing they can do is bless each other. When Ibrahimovic was crowned the Great Elf King, Marvin was still fighting in the Scarlet Wasteland, so he didn’t make it. The only good news is that even if Ibrahimovic really wants to hold a wedding, it will have to wait until these messy things are settled. Marvin probably won’t miss this friend’s wedding—although it’s very difficult for a male elf who claims to dislike women to be surrendered by the sea elf queen.



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