World-Proud Nine Heavens Seventh Sports Betting Department Chapter 489 I inspect the bet game and inspect you [third update! 】

Chu Yang’s words seemed to be joking, but they didn’t seem to be. But these members of the Lan family obviously had a very good self-cultivation, and they all laughed out loud, as if Chu Yang had told an extremely funny joke. But everyone was stunned. Knowing that from the moment Chu Yang sat down to bet the game and started Betting at BGaming, until now, the initiative of the Lan family quickly slipped into the hands of Chu Yang. And being held by him is more and more swaying. Speaking of the current situation, it must be difficult for Spinmatic and others to reverse the passive trend today. “Our Lan family has no choice but to make such a bad plan this time.” Lan Ruo said confidingly, “Brother Chu, please be considerate.” Chu Yang knew that he was talking about the fact that the Lan family arranged for people to wait for more than a year in advance, so he waved his hand , said: “Don’t mention this matter. I also want to thank you for protecting Tie Yun.” Lan Ruo smiled, her eyes flickered slightly, and drank a few more glasses of wine in large gulps. : “I really didn’t expect that BetWinner, the king of Chu Yan who overturned the universe with one single hand, was actually the famous Nine Tribulations Sword Master who ruled the fate of the Nine Heavens… This is really a shocking and numb event.” Chu Yang smiled lightly , did not speak. But I know that today’s drama is finally here. When the members of the Lan family saw that Chu Yang didn’t deny it, their eyes lit up and they winked at each other. It seems that it should be him! Lan Xinhua smiled and said: “Ruoer Betking is still a little young, in fact, he should have thought long ago, except for the Nine Tribulations Sword Master, who else in this world can subvert the two great countries when they have no power to restrain them A shocking reversal of victory or defeat?” “The old ancestor said so.” Lan Ruo laughed.



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