Mozzartbet Night Ranger 200th flashscore Chapter 25 Emerald Ice Palace (Part 1)

“Ha! Spinmatic!” In the low cave, with a low cry from Jessica, a huge figure was thrown out! Rumble! The huge body of the war warrior Tal was imprinted on the stone wall Betking in embarrassment, which almost caused a small-scale shock in this area. Everyone’s expressions changed, Bet9ja and the others were experts who had just experienced that large-scale landslide, so they naturally knew what would happen if the rock wall collapsed in a place like the Underdark. Not only did Tal, who had been lying on the ground for a long time before getting up, showed awe, the rest of the people were also a little bit afraid of Jessica’s bottomless strength. Jessica shrugged indifferently and didn’t say anything more. Marvin smiled with satisfaction. He knew that this was far from Jessica’s true strength. With the power of the Seventh Heavenly Apocalypse bursting out, let alone a small legendary war warrior, even ten war warriors, she can beat you to the ground! Before Marvin encountered a martyr, Jessica was powerless, this is a problem with the attribute of strength. She probably had a lot of anger in her heart – after all, Marvin was her helper to find out the mystery of the dark ghost, and if he made any mistakes, she would definitely be responsible. So when this war warrior proposed to challenge Jessica’s strength, this man city guy was already doomed to lose. “Very good, you are strong enough to join us.” In the group of six, only the demon swordsman remained calm, and he didn’t even change his eyes. This can’t help but surprise Marvin secretly la liga. This guy is really a bit unfathomable. The mysterious legendary profession of Demon Swordsman is even more unpredictable than the master of the night. because marvin is now



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