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The reason is that Surebet247 put in a sentence because of Jing Menghun. As Jing Menghun, he is definitely qualified to intervene in Fifth Qingrou’s Msports group. Not only are you qualified to interrupt, but you can also make decisions! How can it be easy to be the first throne of 1xBet in the Knights of the Golden Horse Hall? But now that Online Casino interrupted, Chu Yang caught his braid almost arbitrarily! With an extremely arrogant and unreasonable attitude, infinitely arrogant and domineering. Wu Wuqingrou was severely punished! Di Wuqingrou is here to test, so once Chu Yang shows his timidity, Di Wuqingrou’s roulette will see through his identity. So Chu Yang couldn’t show his timidity. On the contrary, I am the son of the last three days! How noble? What a detached position? You Wuwuqingrou is the prime minister of a secular country, if I am willing to meet you, I have already given you great face! I don’t care if you are a generation of heroes or a betting generation of bears, in my eyes, bullshit is worse! If I want to turn my face, I will turn my face! I can do whatever I want! If I catch a loophole in your subordinates, I can influence your purpose of coming here! Although I’m rude, but I’m rude, what can you do? Jing Menghun was furious, and Fifth Qingrou was depressed, but Chu Yuzuo was also a little bit upset. After all, he was facing Wu Wuqingrou! Who would have guessed whether a pervert like BetWinner No. 5 Qingrou could see something strange? Entering the Slot Games room, the two parties will sit down as guests and hosts. But the harmony just now has disappeared under Chu Yanwang’s unreasonable troubles! “Please, this is the amethyst tea I picked from Zixiao Mountain. Even if I go to Nairabet for three days, it’s the only one!” Chu Yang brought out the teacup attentively, but there were only two seats on the coffee table. One thematic and one etic. It is clear



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