Proud World Nine Heavens Chapter 443, the seventh part, enters Nairabet’s sword mountain, and retreats into a sea of ​​flames! [Third update! 】

Let me ask, do people in the world trust Chu Yang? Do you still believe that the law respects your lord? This betting is something that doesn’t need to be said at all! Fa Zun Da Betting is in the Ninth Heaven, that is supreme! That is indisputable! Since Master Fa Zun said that there are extraterrestrial demons, then there must be! You, Chu Yang, must be! You say no? You show evidence! If you show the evidence, I won’t believe you either! Seeing that Chu Yang and the others didn’t embarrass themselves, the three of them didn’t dare to ask for the portrait, and left in a hurry. “I’m really… I don’t know what to say…” Rui Butong tugged at his hair with a broken face: “Fuck me, such an outrageous lie can be concocted, and it can still be believed by the whole world… This world is really crazy!” Dong Wushang and Chu Yangxiang were speechless. Extraterrestrial demon… livescore…? What is that? This is not outrageous anymore, BetWinner is simply ridiculous! And it’s ridiculous to a certain extent! “Boss, this time, you are really in danger.” Dong Wushang looked at Chu Yang firmly, and said word by word. Chu Yang did not speak, but sighed first. This time is not an ordinary danger, but a crisis every step of the way! Things, not ordinary big strips. As soon as this announcement came out, the whole world has become his enemy! “It’s ridiculous!” Rui Butong said angrily: “Slot Games has never heard of any extraterrestrial demons for more than 100,000 years. Now, when the Dharma Master said it, he still believed it! How stupid are these people! “Chu Yang said quietly: “It’s not that people are ignorant, but that the Dharma Venerable’s prestige is too high!” He sighed, and said: “This trick is really vicious. Betking everyone in the world is actually very good at fooling Liverpool”…” three



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