Chapter 433 Fatal Changes of Chapter 433 of La Liga, Part 7 of the Nine Levels of Betting Heaven [Seventh update! 】

The upgrade and revision is successful. Please support the book friends. If you find any bugs, please inform us in time so that we can correct them in time. If you need text chapters, please let us know. We Betking try our best to provide texts for popular books. Of course, because there are many books, the total workload is too much Big, please forgive me if there is no one. It seems that he has used all his strength to rumble, galloping all the way for thousands of miles, his hair is messed up, and his face is pale. Seeing that everyone stood still in place, he was finally relieved, and spit out a mouthful of blood with a puff. It can be seen that she pursued the hardships of this journey. Feng Yurou was startled and said: “Meixian, how could it be you?” The person who came was Lan Meixian, a member of the Lan family. Tie Butian’s master, that is, Chu Yang’s mother Yang Ruolan’s master, brought Wu Qianqian to the last three days, Lan Meixian! “Senior Feng.” Lan Meixian didn’t have time to say anything, tears came out of her eyes, she suddenly knelt down on the ground, and said to chelsa, “Meixian is here, and on behalf of the family, I would like to apologize to the two seniors! Pragmatic play” Lingxue said lightly: “There is no need to apologize. After all, we have different ways and do not conspire with each other, and we did not blame you.” Lan Meixian said: “But… this matter, after all, we were at fault in the first place.” Yue Lingxue smiled lightly: “But those people are already dead. They are all dead!” Lan Meixian felt lost. He didn’t realize that Feng Yurou had already picked her up. Yue Lingxue Paripesa said bluntly: “Actually, without that incident, there will be hostility in the future. I want to help the Premier League Nine Tribulations Sword Master. But your Lan family is not! What if I forgive you now? In the future nine Robbing the sword, if you step on the master’s foot for three days, will your Lan family really stand by and wait to die?” Lan Meixian sighed deeply,



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