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You create me to read Fengling Tianxia Font: Speed: Previous page 1 “The thing to pay attention to now is, don’t startle the snake: a person like Tang Xinsheng, he will have countless ways to escape from Iron Cloud City.” Chu Yang Thoughts: “Besides, this Tang Xincha…whether he is a man city or a simple scholar, and whether he will be in charge of the world martial arts… is also a hard thing to say. For this Mozzart bet, you need to inform Tianjitang , check carefully.” “I actually missed so many bet games!” Wu Qianqian gasped. Chu Yang’s analysis included responses and counterattacks, from Fifth Qingrou to Tang Xinsheng’s psychology, and he analyzed it over and over again. Wu Qianqian suddenly felt that if Chu Yang really caught Tang Xinsheng, it was very likely that Wu Qingrou would suffer a big loss! Of course, if Chu Yang’s speculation is completely correct. However, in Chu Yang’s Spinmatic analysis, there was also one thing that was missed, and Wu Qianqian sensitively found out: “Chu Yang, you have said so much, but you haven’t said… If the enemy’s king-level expert It’s really coming, how should you deal with it? How should we stop it? Or arrange it?” Chu Yang rubbed his temples, frowned and said, “This is also my only scruple; we don’t have king-level masters in command; facing the opponent’s king Super masters, we have no way to deal with Endorphina.” Chu Yang sighed: “There must be one on the side of the prince; otherwise, Wu Qingrou would not return baccarat Parimatch would not do it because of the possibility of easily assassinating the prince; but, as long as If he comes to protect me, the prince will be in danger…and we can’t take this risk.” [] Wu Qianqian couldn’t help but turn pale, and said, “Is there nothing we can do?” Chu Yang looked deeply, slowly slow road



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