Night Ranger 200th live betting chapter 10 continuous man city promotion

Just when the Dark Dragon God was immersed in boundless pain and anger, Marvin was in full bloom! Betting’s so-called virtual godhead is actually a Spinmatic miracle created by humans to simulate the function of godhead. It has the same function as Godhead itself. But because Marvin is not a god, he does not have the power of faith, and there is no normal channel to replenish the divine power and improve the level of the advanced virtual godhead, so under normal circumstances, he can only hunt the servants of the gods and absorb the betting source of the gods. Let the advanced virtual godhead be promoted. If so, this road will be very difficult rumble. Evolution game But the pool of faith in front of you is another shortcut! The pool of belief in Online Casino contains the purest divinity and power of faith of the Dark Dragon God. This power is the favorite nourishment of high-level virtual godheads. In the first second that golden liquid seeped out, the high-level virtual godhead in his body began to eagerly absorb this power. With Marvin’s crazily absorbing, the entire mountain range began to wither! And the beautiful mountains, rivers and rivers covered with stars on the black dragon’s wings also began to dry up. Because the power of faith absorbed by Marvin is the most fundamental power of this plane! He only felt a strong heat flow continuously pouring into his body, that feeling was comparable to the previous life’s Conferred God! He only felt that he was full of strength! “Luck is so good!” “I never thought that the martyr didn’t kill me, but brought me so many benefits!” Marvin was completely immersed in the joy of improving his strength. He doesn’t care about the collapse of the entire plane, anyway, this is a deformed world dominated by dragon people. And in the distance, the shadow prince and the goblin



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