World Proud Nine Betting Spinmatic Heaven, Part Seven Chapter 339: The Dominance of Purple Evil Love 【! 】

Zi Xieqing looked at Chu Yang with some puzzlement, but found that Chu Yang looked determined, with a smile on his lips, and he couldn’t help but suddenly realized, and said via voice transmission: “Is this on purpose? You threw out so many elixir from the Black Blood Forest , not just for Amethyst?” Chu Yang smiled slightly, and said lightly: “Amethyst is also very important. Let’s make a novel, but these things are more important if they are straightened out.” Of course, killing people messed up the last three days, and putting blame on Of course, it can also destabilize 22Betroulette. However, auction, is it not a form? With so many elixir, who wouldn’t want it? If there are more elixir, a super master will be piled up in the family. At that time, the family’s strength will be raised to a higher level, occupying a larger territory, and its position in the last three days will be more stable! This is the absolute top priority that concerns Sun Bandai! In front of such absolute benefits, few people can keep their sanity through Pragmatic play. But it is such an affiliate who is not sober, greedy for a while, and overestimates his ability to compete. But a single bid may sow the catastrophe of genocide. The nine Betting families all have to meet. Even if you bid, you can’t lose your identity. You are a small family bidding, if I put down my dignity to compete with you, I will be a laughing stock in the eyes of other families. If you don’t fight, you will be aggrieved. After a long time, it is a murderous intent: the ones who are killed are those who are not sensible! And once these people make a move, some people will die. After death, there will be a power vacuum, and several other companies will fight if they want to annex them. Once you fight, there will be friction. Even if they don’t kill, but after all, there is man city’s heart disease, no matter when, just a little provocation… As long as there are many such cases, when the Evolution game comes, Chu Yang will take his brothers to walk the rivers and lakes, 1xBet can not live



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