Proud World Nine Heavens Part Seven Chapter 295 Online Casino Opportunities and Traps

Book title: “Don’t do anything. ()” The Fifth Elder rubbed his hands, showing a standard ‘pervert’ smile in Chu Endorphina Yang’s eyes, and he smiled: “I just want to ask you…hehehe … How do you say this…” Chu Yang almost ran away from the door, and said in a trembling voice: “You are so old…” The fifth elder stared: “What does this have to do with age? , This old man is old-hearted!” Chu Yang’s hair was darkened: “What are you going to do?” He thought Betking, if this old man makes any unreasonable demands, I will slap you out of Spinmatic and leave. “How did you get this medicine?” The old man looked at Chu Yang greedily. “Eh?” Betting Chu Yang had a big surprise: “Medicine?” The old man frowned, holding back his impatience: “Yes! Medicine!” “My God…” Chu Yang let out a sigh of relief: “You But it scared me to death… I thought it was you who wanted… so what!” Wiping the cold sweat from his forehead. This time it was the old man’s turn to be surprised, scratching his sparse scalp, wondering: “BetWinner, what do I want?” “Uh, nothing.” Chu Yang said awkwardly. “Eh? Nothing?” The old man chelsa had a question mark on her face. “Eh, cough, this medicine is because I have a special channel… Hehe. Betting” Chu Yang changed the subject, rolled his eyes, and spoke quickly. “Special channel?” Fifth Elder’s eyes lit up like searchlights. “Yes.” Chu Yang chuckled, and carefully said: “I have a friend…well, friend, I have a good relationship with a film owner in the Black Blood Forest… Ha ha…” “With Black Blood NetEnt The film owner of the jungle has a good relationship?” The old man became even more excited, and said incoherently: “You



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