The shock caused by the little girl!

“No, no…Senior Bu.” Chen Mengchi bowed his body, knowing that this moment was irreversible, so he could only say in a bachelor way: “Please punish Senior Bu as you like!” The Chen family master who blurted out that sentence, Already stunned at the moment. Never in his wildest dreams, the person whom he scolded like this is actually a terrifying existence that the entire Chen family can’t afford to mess with. At this moment, seeing the second ancestors standing in front of others with their bodies bowed, and they couldn’t even pay for Bet9ja, they were immediately stunned! I’m dead, this time I’m really dead! He stood there blankly, feeling that the whole world was far away from him at this moment; he didn’t even think about coming up to apologize and kowtow to make amends. Because he knows it’s useless Mozzartbet! Looking at the posture in front of him, even the Dharma Venerable may not be able to save himself. What’s more…, how old are you? How could Fa Zun offend Bu Lian for himself? It’s not bad to not harm the entire Chen family. Bu Liuqing looked at Chen Mengchi in front of him with cloudy eyes.” He let out a sigh, and said, “Chen Mengchi, do you think that if you retreat and let me handle it, I’ll be embarrassed to do it? “Chen Mengchi even broke out in cold sweat on the baccarat of his scalp, and bent even lower: “The younger generation dare not~! “If you can cultivate such a descendant, your Chen family is almost done… Keep it and go…” Bu Liuqing’s voice became more and more serious. Fa Spinmatic Lord knows that when the real madrid, Bu Liuqing really puts After saying this, the Chen family is really gone. It’s just for the sake of the top experts, and I have no regrets. The Chen family must be wiped out! Hastily interrupted: “Brother Bu, look, don’t worry about this matter And the whole Chen family NetEnt bar



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