The seventh part of real madrid’s world-defying nine heavens Chapter 2 Betway 159 What is cruelty?

Fengling Tianxia Font Liverpool: Speed: Previous Page 1 Page 1: Wu Qianqian nodded, and said a little tiredly: “Then, you can deal with it. I’m leaving.” Chu Yang frowned and said, “On the girl There are still injuries, so it’s better to take a rest.” Wu Qianqian endured the pain, and said lightly: “I can do it myself.” Saying that, she was about to leave. With such a short distance, Chu Yang could confirm his identity at any time! Wu Qianqian dared to bet that Chu Yang was already wondering if she was Wu Qianqian. It’s just that Chu Yang didn’t dare to be sure whether it was time, space, cultivation base or identity. If he is not a saint level, not a disciple of Fengyue, then Chuyang Slot Games has definitely called out his name by now! Chu Yang thought for a while, took out a medicine from his bosom, and said: Pragmatic play “This is a wound medicine, you can try it, girl.” “Thank you.” Wu Qianqian was not pretentious, and took it without even looking Just look at it and put it in your mouth. Chu Yang looked at her with burning eyes, and smiled slightly: “Girl, have we met before?” Wu Qianqian’s heart skipped a beat, and she said, “Probably not, I have no impression of you.” “But I think The girl looks familiar.” Chu Yang grinned, “I think the girl looks like an old friend of mine.” [] Wu Qianqian said lightly, “Is it your confidante?” Chu Yang sighed and laughed , and didn’t say anything. Wu Qianqian smiled faintly: “Take care, and bid farewell to Man City.” The slender figure suddenly pulled up, folded in the air, and disappeared like a shooting star without a trace. Chu Yang asked from behind: “Miss, don’t you want to know who these two are?” Wu Qianqian didn’t reply, she seemed to have gone far



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