Betway Proud World Nine Heavens Part Seven Chapter 200 Msports Forty-nine

Fengling Tianxia Font: Speed: Previous Page 1 Page 1: The entire Chen family was wiped out? Chu Yang was also shocked. Immediately, I immediately thought: My dear, could it be Miss Zi who did it? Many people from the Chen family, how did they offend Sister Zi… They were so furious that they killed everyone… But everyone present was shocked! Not just a Parimatch shocked, but a violent shock! Who is the Chen family? What force? That is one of the nine Bet9ja master families live betting! In addition, this time they are here to participate in the Wanyao Ceremony, and the ones they send are definitely the elites of the family! Such people are definitely protected by 22Bet masters! And… the most important thing is that after the Ten Thousand Medicines Ceremony, there must be top extreme masters, and the nine major families will participate in the grand event! For… the most important thing after Leap’s panacea ceremony is Paripesa. The reason why Zhugeshan Yunzhi BGaming first invited the three chief law enforcement officers, the Ye family Ling family, and the upcoming Chen family to gather here is for the arrangement of this matter. Fortunately, the Chen family will never have to wait! What is this called? “What happened?” Zhuge Shanyun sat down slowly after the initial shock. When he asked this sentence, he had already calmed down. [] Chu Yang secretly praised Msports in his heart. As expected of being the Patriarch of the Zhuge Clan, this determination is truly extraordinary. The matter has already happened, rushing now will not help the matter, let alone the matter is not clear, if you rush… it may not be what will happen. You know, who can destroy the Chen family, how can they care about the Zhuge family? “The Chen family…Chen…” The warrior collected himself, his voice still a little hurried. Zhuge Shanyun frowned,



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