Aoshi Nine Heavens Chapter 228, Betting, Part Seven: Ao Shi Teng, sweeping the sky; live betting for 90,000 years, beginning to transform into a dragon!

How the dragon scales appeared! Ao Xieyun’s muscles were bulging all over his body. From his ankles, dense dragon scales first appeared, and then spread up along his two legs, at an extremely fast speed, and within a short time, he had already reached his chest. Still going up. Neck, face… on the head, slowly, the whole body is already golden! On the forehead, two protrusions are slowly rising, like two dragon horns, breaking out of the skin! Ao Xieyun held back his breath, let out a long and loud Spinmatic whistle, and let out a la liga, endlessly. At this moment, he stared sharply, and shouted: “It’s now!” With a poker clang, Gu Duxing Heilong Jianyao, who was already the seventh-rank sword emperor, came out, and with a flash of sword light, he reached Ao Xieyun’s chest . On Ao Xieyun’s chest, a piece of dragon scale suddenly disappeared at this moment, revealing his heart! Without any hesitation, Gu Duxing stabbed into his chest with a flash of sword light, and spun! Withdrawing the sword like lightning, he stepped back. Ao Xieyun raised his head to the sky and screamed wildly, a column of blood spewed out from his heart, just fell into the leap of the giant dragon statue in Midi. The next moment, the giant dragon statue, which was more than a dozen people tall, suddenly burst out with fiery red light, illuminating the entire Midi in a bright red color! “Ao Shi Teng, sweeping the sky; 90,000 years, beginning to transform into a dragon!” A murmur-like chant sounded, and the densely packed and airtight mountain wall slowly separated to the two sides. A round hole was exposed. The red light was shining, and it was so deep that the bottom could not be seen. Gu Duxing leaned forward towards the Liverpool and shouted, “Go in!” He hugged Ao Xieyun’s waist, and rushed into the entrance of the cave like lightning! Mo Tianji followed closely behind, Xie Danqiong entered immediately, Ji Mo and Xie Danqiong almost



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