Proud World Nine Heavens Chapter 195 Chapter 195 Beauty chelsa disaster Endorphina water [Sixth update! 】

(The copyright of “” belongs to the original Fengling Tianxia, ​​the chapter you are reading now: the main text Zi Xieqing said coldly: “What do I call it, what does that have to do with you?” As he spoke, he pulled Chu Le’er and walked behind Chu Yang. “Please familiarize yourself with the domain name.” Anyone with a discerning eye can tell at a glance: this is seeing that the other party has a large number of people, and 22Bet has come to seek the protection of a NetEnt man… Chu Yang rolled his eyes immediately. Lan Ruoyun is clearly from the Lan family, and looking at it like this He is still a son of the Lan family. One look at his eyes and face, and you can tell that this guy is a hungry ghost. Such a person sees such a stunning beauty as Zi Xieqing, it is like a fly meeting a honey , I would rather be crushed to pieces than lean on the roulette. Zixieqing is as cold as ice, and her cold temperament that rejects people thousands of miles away makes Lan Ruoyun happy and full of interest. It seems that men have a common problem: the more A woman who is difficult to conquer has a sense of accomplishment when conquered. This is a common problem among men, and Mr. Lan is no exception. Of the twelve members of the Lan family, eleven of them are already dazzled. Only The middle-aged man in his thirties standing next to Lan Ruoyun felt a little uneasy. Surebet247 himself was also surprised. There was only one man and two women in front of him. Only this man had some strength, and he was only in the Evolution game area of ​​the real madrid area. Junji, as for those two women, one Paripesa little girl is not worth mentioning, and the other woman seems to have only Zongji’s cultivation base, which is even weaker. But why do I have a feeling that a catastrophe is imminent? With my own You shouldn’t feel this way with your supreme first-grade cultivation. “Seventh Young Master, in my opinion, it’s better not to cut Nairabet’s side effects. We’d better complete the Chief Law Enforcement Master as soon as possible.”



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