Proud World Nine Heavens Chapter 183, Part Seven of 1xBet

Premier league Fengling Tianxia’s works Collect good books, publish originals Welcome you This is already the maximum power that Sword Spirit can draw! How exaggerated is Sword Spirit’s refining ability? How shocking is the ability? With the convenience of his spiritual body, and at the speed of Leap, which is unique in nine years, he went all out to extract the power of the medicine, how terrifyingly fast and effective… It is entirely conceivable that the spirit sent out by the sword spirit this time Power, how terrifying and exaggerated! But at this time, people stopped playing casino Slot. Once the medicinal power was transformed into spiritual power, the sword spirit couldn’t draw it back even if it wanted to, leaving only the huge spiritual power of the Pragmatic Play swelled in the Chu Yang meridian… At this moment, the sword spirit was also stunned. Damn it, why don’t you fight at this time? The spiritual power has already been instilled in like a raging wave, and it is absolutely too late to send it into the dantian in the shortest time that can be tolerated, what should I do? Could it be that there is a Nine Tribulations Sword Master whose death method is actually supported by his own sword spirit… This is a joke… But right now, there is really nothing to do. If Sword Spirit had a body, he would be able to tide over the difficulties by helping outside now; but he didn’t. If Wei Wuyan is asked to help, it will reveal the secret of the Nine Tribulations Sword Master! Sword Spirit and Chu Yang were helpless at the same time: If they really can’t rumble, it seems that Wei Flashscore has no choice but to help. Let the secrets out…Let’s reveal the secrets…but be afraid…Even Wei Wuyan can’t bear these forces now, and the possibility of exploding Wei Wuyan is infinitely close to 100%…”These, Msports is enough for you Have a good time again?” The white-clothed man stood in the air, looked at Chu Yang, and said lightly: “Quick, break through five hours in one hour.”



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