Proud World Nine Heavens Seventh Volume 100 BetWinner Chapter 62: Like a teacher, there must be a champions league like a student【! 】

Fengling Tianxia’s works Collect good books, Betway publishes originals welcome you With Yue Lingxue’s soft drink, an old man in a man city fluttered in front of him like a cloud, and before Yue Lingxue could speak, he was already angry Furious: “I see you talked to that person on the affiliate boat!” “That person?” Yue Lingxue was taken aback: “How many years?” “Exactly!” The little girl in the bastard’s arms, have you seen it?” The second monk Yueling Xuezhang couldn’t figure it out: “What’s wrong with Betway?” “Who is that little girl?” Ning Tianya gritted his teeth: “Did you ask?” “”That’s his sister! What’s wrong?, Yue Lingxue thinks that Ning Tianya is purely insane, and what he said makes people confused. ()”Sister? Ning Tianya frowned: “Are you sure?” “Yue Lingxue was furious: “Could it be that I, Yue Lingxue, can’t tell apart the blood fluctuations of the same family? Is it fun to lie to you? “It turned out to be my younger sister.” Ning Tianya rubbed his hands together, chuckled, and said, “Fuck it, fuck it.” “Yue Lingxue frowned and said, “Ning Tianya, what’s the matter with you? “Ning Tianya sighed: “It’s hard to say. “Yue Lingxue snorted, and said: “You’re really lazy too: take a few boneless blood fish, and you actually want to ask me…” Ning Tianya rubbed his hands: “Take it out, take it out, we will share half of it when we meet. “Yue Lingxue raised a finger: “Betting wait: I’m giving you a share, but I have to be clear in advance, this time, I want more than half!” You can only ask for a half. Ning Tianya jumped up: “Why!” ? “It’s because I made the hand, not you!” “Yue Lingxue squinted her eyes: “Why?



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