Proud World Nine Betway Chongtian Evolution Game Seventh Chapter 140 Powerful Leer [! 】

VIP volume Chu Le’er’s roulette eyes suddenly turned into crescent moons, and she smiled happily: “Really? Then let me give you a little more blowing…” As she spoke, she really took a few more breaths. Now, Wanjie really feels that this little girl’s breath is really like a breath of fairy air, which makes him feel indescribably comfortable both mentally and physically. For a long time, the cruelty accumulated in his body The breath seemed to be blown away by this breath… I couldn’t help but sighed comfortably, and my heart became more and more loving, and said softly: “Slot Games little betting girl, what’s your name at Online Casino?” Chu Le’er narrowed her eyes and smiled. : “My name is Le’er… My mother said, be happy, and let everyone who sees me be baccarat happy…” Wanjie felt the same way, and said: Msports “this name That’s great, I’m happy when I see Le’er.” My heart became softer and more peaceful, and for a while, I was immersed in this emotion, unwilling to leave… Thinking back to the cloud of the Premier League years Looking at the past, I can’t help but sigh in my heart: What is the purpose of fighting life and death for so many years? Wouldn’t it be the greatest beauty in the world to be able to have such a well-behaved child by my knees, to hide in the countryside and enjoy my family in peace? If so, what more do you want in this life? Chu Le’er became even happier, and said, “Yes, everyone is happy to see me.” Saying that, Paripesa’s eyes turned into two Betting’s lovely crescent moons again. Wanjie looked greedily, and said softly: “Le’er is a cute little girl, of course I’m happy to see Le’er.” Chu Leer agreed, nodded heavily, and on her small head Up and down, Wanjie watched with warmth in his heart.



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