World-Proud Nine Heavens Chapter 100 Baccarat Chapter 28 Elimination of the root of the disease【! forebet】

Fengling Tianxia’s works collect Msports good books, and you are welcome to publish original works. Chu Xiao smiled heartily: “If you were born with it, I wouldn’t think so. But how can a generation of wizards achieve great things without being tempered by wind and frost?” ” Children from aristocratic families, the education they have received since childhood is far superior to yours, whether it is demeanor, or tactics, they are all higher than you. But you only need to remember one thing: life and death are critical, and you will see the true nature of a hero!” Chu Xiaoxin With a chuckle, he said, “So, how can you tell a person’s true courage and confidence before life and death? And if you want to compete with the nine big families, the outcome depends on life and death.” Chu Yang was silent. nod. He could fully understand what Chu Xiaoxin meant when he said, ‘the outcome is between life and death in la liga’. This Leap does not mean that time is short. Rather, where is the key to winning or losing a betway, or live betting players say, where is the key to defeating the enemy. Chu Yang offered to resign, but Chu Xiaoxin did not persuade him to stay. Just when Chu Yang was about to leave the room, he said quietly: “Even if you have experience, you may not be able to have this insight. Even if you have the insight of Liverpool, you may not be able to have this ability.” Chu Yang paused, bitter He smiled and said: “Because I regard myself as a man. A man should be able to support it. He should be able to go down.” Chu Xiaoxin let out a long sigh. “After a while, I will go out to practice for a while.” Chu Yang said quietly: “So, if there is anything… I will not be able to come back. Besides, my father and fourth uncle have already set off, and third uncle has not returned yet… I Use Tianxing wood to create a medicine that enhances the power of Online Casino Slot Games. At that time, please ask the ancestors to be on the side to protect and improve for them.” Chu Xiao was relieved



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