Proud World Nine Heavens Part Seven Chapter 118 This enmity is irreconcilable in the Premier League! 【Eleventh update of live betting! 】

Net, duwo,. With such a state of mind, the relationship between the two of them is equally dangerous. Up to now, each of them has more than a dozen new scars on their bodies, which can be seen deep in the bones! But the two did not dare to relax at all, they still fought while mocking and laughing, the opponent would not die, and the fight would never stop! But seeing how things go on like this, the only way for the two of them to perish together… “Betting like this is not acceptable!” Seeing that the situation was wrong, Chu Yang frowned: “The two of them can’t die, why is there such a contradiction after death?” Get up?” “What’s wrong with that? Both of them are dead, as long as the subordinates are still alive, if you go back and report, the two families will immediately go to war? Is this better than both of them alive? If you don’t die, don’t kill the main character , how can it be regarded as a great enmity?” Jian Ling was a little puzzled. Please familiarize yourself with the domain name Spinmatic. “Otherwise!” Chu Yang said heavily: “The so-called death of the master humiliating minister! If the master is still alive… what will happen? I bet! If Ye Wubo and Xiao Qi died together, they are now fighting The few people in the group will definitely give up immediately, and then return to the mountains with more than 90% confidence, man city, because even if they bring the news back, they will die!” Sword Spirit frowned and moaned: “There is some truth to this statement. “”It’s not justified, it’s the truth! The master is still there, and the slaves will naturally fight desperately! But if the master is gone, who will you show your life to? Who will you fight for? Especially…you will die in the end! It’s not desperate, Just being killed by the old master… who will go back and die?” Chu Yang said: “So the two of them can be seriously injured, but they must not die!” Jian Ling blinked and said: “If that kind of irrecoverable



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