Proud World Nine Heavens Part Seven Betway 90th Premier League Chapter 4 Unexpected

Reminder: In “89”, you can quickly find baccarat to find this book. Let me say the same thing again, the chief law enforcement officer’s complexion is a little dark, looking at chelsa, she has a normal complexion, but, dare to ask the chief law enforcement officer, your complexion was not like this decades ago, right?” Chief law enforcement officer His eyes looked at Chu Yang, sharp as before, but he didn’t speak. “Generally speaking, during the process of poker training, warriors have washed their tendons and marrow several times, and after reaching the holy level, they can basically maintain their youthful appearance, because all the dirt in their bodies is gone, and they can penetrate the bridge of heaven and earth in one breath. If you want, you can even maintain the appearance of thirty or forty years old until the last moment of your life.” “After the holy level, the supreme transformation of the body can even rejuvenate the body.” Chu Yang smiled slightly: “Of course, at that time, just let it go. Their own wishes. Moreover, people above the holy level don’t have much demand for their appearance.” “But the face of the chief law enforcement officer is by no means normal. It should be at the holy level After washing the tendons and cutting the marrow, it became tender and white. It was not until he suffered a certain kind of injury that his face turned black.” Chu Yang talked eloquently: “And this kind of injury, although it only manifests as a complexion It’s black, but the meridians in the chief law enforcement officer’s body must have something wrong!” The chief law enforcement officer’s face and eyes did not move. Just staring at him fixedly. But the murderous aura in the air has dissipated without a trace. Only that repression remains the same. Chu Yang heaved a sigh of relief. A sage-level master of the mind has the ability to heal himself.



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